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Buying Tickets: A Guide

If you are already familiar with buying tickets/event passes for this type of event, and confident about media streaming etc. you can safely bypass this page.  Continue directly to choosing theatre, date, and time by clicking below.   


We have also looked to answer the many questions. raised by this new type of event and our gathering.   For our Frequently Asked Questions segment, please CLICK HERE: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.  

Ordering your Ticket/Event Pass:

Tickets (also referred to as Event Passes) come as an access link. Each access link can be used on any device with internet (computer (laptop or desktop), tablet, or phone). Each access link is unique and can only be used on only one device at a time. Each household therefore will need it's own access pass.

Sending a Gift Pass
If you would like to send A Virtual Christmas Celtic Sojourn as a gift for friends or family, please CLICK HERE.  

Standard Event Pass: $52.50. 

Patron Level (includes 2 Event Passes): $225

Sponsor Level (includes 8 Event Passes): $1,200

Upgrade: If you have already bought an Event Pass and would like to upgrade to Patron Level.  $172.50


  • Click on Buy Tickets box below. 

  • Choose which level you would like to purchase EVENT PASS, PATRON LEVEL, OR SPONSOR, and the number.

  • Click on Next at bottom of page.

  • If you are interested in making an additional contribution with your purchase, please choose.  If none, simply click Next at bottom of page.  

  • DISCOUNT CODE: If you have a discount code, please look on the top right of the next page. It says Have a Promo Code? Click Here. 

  • Enter Promo Code, and Click on Apply.  

  • Enter your information and hit next. 

  • On this next page, it is important you review your purchase.  If satisfied all is in order, tick the box that says "I am not a Robot." and then on Click Here to Agree in the red box.  

  • Click on "Continue to Payment."  

  • Once done, you will be taken to a page that shows what you have purchased.  If you can, save this page, but also feel free to skip this step.  Your purchase will be verified by email - please check junk-mail folder if you don't get it immediately.  Several other reminders will also be sent by email.

  • GIFTING PASSES. Again, please remember each access code works only on one device. ​ For more information on how you can Gift a Pass to a friend or family member, CLICK HERE.

If you have purchased a basic Event Pass already and would like to upgrade to Patron Level, click below.

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