Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase tickets?

For a step by step guide, Click Here. A Ticket Buying Guide

I want to share the event or give it as a gift.  How do I do that?

One of our most frequently asked questions.  There is a newness to this way of our gathering around music and as you can imagine, some solutions are less elegant than they should be and will be in the future. 


I have a promo or a discount code, where do I enter it.  

NOTE: Discounts work for Event Passes only, and are not valid for Patron or Sponsor Levels. 

First, choose your venue, date, and time, then on #of Event Passes.  Then on additional donation.  On the next page, look at top right of page and you will see in green "Have a Promo Code? Click Here."  Enter promo code, and then click on "Apply Promo Code."  The price on top right will reset. Proceed from there.

I recently made a donation or pledge of support to GBH and asked for tickets as a Thank You gift.  What happens Next? 

Firstly, thank you for your gift and support.  You will be receiving your access code(s) with instructions on or around December 11th.  Please watch for it.  If any problems, please call 617 300 3300.  

I bought a Patron Level Ticket but received only one code. I believe I should have gotten two.  

Thanks for your support at this level.  Your second pass will be sent by email this week (December 6th).  Please look for it.  If you are interested in buying a Patron Level Ticket, click here.  PATRON LEVEL TICKETS. 

I am having problems ordering on the web site.  

Growtix is the company we have chosen to help us in this new virtual world.  They are very responsive and are there to help resolve problems as quickly as possible.  Please send an email with a detailed description of your problem. They should be back to you very quickly.  Click here to send an email now.

After I buy tickets, how do I watch the event?  

You will be sent an confirmation email.  Please watch for it.  It will come from A Virtual Christmas Celtic Sojourn :: GrowTix  and  will have " A Virtual Christmas Celtic Sojourn Order Confirmation" as the subject.  If you don't get this email confirmation, please look in your spam/junk folder, and if still not there, send an email to with as many details as you can.  The event you believe you bought tickets for, the email address you used, your full name as it appears on the credit card used etc.  


In your confirmation email, please click on box that says "View Your Order On-Line."  This will bring you to a web page which has your ticket(s)/event-passes.  The link(s) on this page are for the performance you purchased.  Simply clicking on this link will launch the player on whatever internet connected device you choose.  An email with a reminder and the link to that page will also be sent a few days before the date and time of your show.   (Remember, each link only works on one device.)  If you bought more than one ticket and want to share that code, see below, or CLICK HERE.

If I can't watch at exactly the time I bought passes for, can I watch when it suits me. 

Yes, starting on December 21st and until January 2nd, your event pass access code will allow you to watch the virtual event whenever and as many times as you wish.  Remember, codes are per device, so cannot be shared.  

Do you require one event pass per person or is it one event pass per household?

If watching together on the same device, its just one pass required.  If multiple devices or other households, then an event pass is required for each.  

Which devices can I watch on?  

You can watch anywhere you get your usual video thru the internet:  computer, tablet, phone, smart-tv, or any device that has a browser. Your confirmation email will have a code.  When you click on it - the access link - it will launch automatically. Make sure your sound is on!  If set up to do so, you can “cast” the stream from your internet to your television. 

How can I test that my system is working?

We will begin the broadcast/stream approximately 30 minutes before the actual start-time.  It will include music and graphics to ensure you have the time to make all necessary adjustments well in advance.  We recommend you join us in advance, to make sure you are ready when Brian O'Donovan says, "Welcome to our Christmas Celtic Sojourn!" 

I've lost the email with my access link. Can you resend it?

Yes, please send an email to  They will re-send.  

What is the platform this will be on?  Is it Facebook, or YouTube or some other platform I need to be concerned with? 

No, the link will launch its own player. No need to download anything. You should make sure you can turn on and adjust the volume.  


Why are you presenting shows from the different theaters?

We felt that each of the audiences we are lucky enough to perform for around New England are unique, and that is because of the region and organizations like those who run the various theaters. We will speak to these efforts specifically in our introductions and other references in each performance, and the theatres themselves will benefit financially from your purchase of an event pass.  


Will all of the musicians listed be in each of the shows?

A: Yes.  


Will each of the shows listed have the same content?

A:  Yes, as in the live shows when we travel to each of the theatres, the core of the presentation doesn’t vary from show to show. We do present from each theatre however, and talk to the audiences and about the great facilities and what they are doing to survive during these challenging times.  

Want to give the gift of Christmas Celtic Sojourn this year?

First of all, apologies. This is a clunky part of the buying process.  Everything is relatively new and has complexities around unique codes instead of tickets, how to share them etc.  If you have already purchased multiple tickets, and want to distribute CLICK HERE.  


The company we are working with, Growtix, is working on a more elegant solution to facilitate buying for a friend or loved one.  But realistically, that will not be in place for our event this year. Meanwhile, the most straight forward way of achieving this is below.   

  • Puchase your own gift pass first.

  • Then, purchase each additional pass individually and use the email of the person you want to gift each additional pass to in each purchase. 

  • You might verify their receipt and maybe suggest they read this page on the web site as well if any questions.    

  • Enjoy your time together during the show virtually knowing you’re all enjoying the virtual concert at the same time.  

  • NOTE: The same presentation will be available on-demand from December 21st until January 2nd.  

  • For Patron or Sponsor Level Ticket buyers, please choose one (1) when buying.  Verification of your pass will be sent to your email.  Your second pass will be sent separately also by email.  So watch for that.   

I have already purchased more than one "Ticket/Event Pass" and want to send to a friend or family member.

On your confirmation email, click on the box that says "View My Order On-Line."  This will take you to a web page that will show you each code you purchased.  You can send access to this page by copying and pasting the URL. Or you can simply forwarding your confirmation email, asking the recipient to also click on the "View My Order On-Line" box.  Be sure to identify which code you will use, and which code your guests will use as each is unique and only provides single access.  By clicking on the Code Box from the Web Confirmation page, you will be taken directly to the stream.  Remember, the stream will be live with graphics, photos, and music 30 minutes before each event begins. This is to allow you to make adjustments to your system so it is all ready for the event when the time comes.  


If you have purchased a basic Event Pass already and would like to upgrade to Patron Level, click below.