Frequently Asked Questions


Note: Our streaming platform, Mandolin, has an additional set of comprehensive and detailed resources available in case your question is not answered below:  CLICK HERE. 


Are Each of the Virtual Shows Streamed Live? 

No,  The streamed program is a highly produced video from the Live performance of December 17th from the Cutler Majestic Theatre.  Great attention to details and lighting - including the beauty of the theatre - and a specially focused on sound mix - will capture all of the concert's magnificence enjoyed on your computer or better, big screen TV, at home.  

How do I purchase tickets?

  1. For access to in-person tickets at The Cutler Majestic Theatre:  Click here: Buy Tickets

  2. For access to on of our Virtual Streams:  Click here:    Buy Tickets to a Virtual Stream

  3. If you are viewing virtual date listings on a phone, you might need to scroll left or right to see full range of options.  

I have a discount code.  How do I use it?

Discount codes are entered during the check-out process.   After you choose the date and click on the Buy Tickets button, Mandolin will ask you to create an account. This is so that your information - and tickets - can be help in one spot for easy access both for the real-time stream and any video on demand options that might remain afterwards. Once you have filled in the information, proceed to Buy Tickets, and you will come to a page with an option to enter a code at the upper right.  Once entered, hit Apply, and the new discounted price should appear.  Proceed from there. 

Give the Gift of Celtic Christmas.  I want to share the event or give it as a gift.  How do I do that?

The easiest way to do this is to buy a gift pass for Mandolin.  It is conveniently set up with a choice of $40 which is the cost of A Christmas Celtic Pass.  So, we recommend you buy as many gifts as you would like but buy them individually at that $40 level, Mandolin then has easy an easy way for you to forward the gift.  Gift Cards are provided in electronic format only and sent electronically to the buyer (the buyer can then forward to recipient).  I Want to Share this With Friends And Family. Click Here.  

I bought a ticket but I can't find my email confirmation.   

Please check your spam folder.  The email would have come from Mandolin.  If you find it there, please mark it as a safe or a "safe sender" as they will be sending a reminder too.  If you still can't find the confirmation, send an email to, from the email you originally purchase with, and request the pass be re-sent.  

I am a GBH member.  Do I get a discount?  

First, thank you for your support.  You should have received your discount code via email already. Please watch for it.  If any problems, please call our Audience Member Services number at 617-300-3300.  

I am having problems ordering on the web site.  

Send an email to, and someone will help you navigate through it.  Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience.  

I have a problem with my ticket, and I need help changing the date, or requesting a refund.

For any problems with tickets, exchanges, or refunds, please send an email to

If you have already bought tickets, please include the confirmation number in your email, or simply forward the confirmation email you will have received, and let them know exactly what you would like to adjust.  

Accessing your Shows on Web

Step 1: Sign in to your account by visiting If you see a prompt to "Sign up or log in", simply enter the email address associated with your account.

Step 2: Once logged in, your shows will appear as long as you have used the same email address for your ticket purchase and your Mandolin account.

Step 3: To view your show, click "My Tickets" in the upper right hand corner and you should see your show(s) listed. From upcoming shows, to past shows, to replays, you will see all the tickets associated with your email address. Click on the desired show and you will see a countdown until show time. Once the countdown hits 0, the show will begin automatically.

Step 4: Enjoy the music! 


Please remember, each link only works on one device. If you bought more than one ticket or one of our passes, each ticket code is only good for one device.

If I can't watch at exactly the time I bought passes for, can I watch on-demand? 

Yes.  The program will be available on-demand for each pass purchased, from the date and time of the show purchased thru January 2nd.   

Do you require one event pass per person or is it one event pass per household?

If watching together on the same device, it's just one pass required.  If multiple devices or other households, then an event pass is required for each. 

Which devices can I watch on?  

You can watch anywhere you get your usual video through the Internet: computer, tablet, phone, smart TV, or any device that has a browser. Your confirmation email will have a code.  When you click on it - the access link - and if doing so on the same device as you will be watching, it will launch automatically. Make sure your sound is on!  If set up to do so, you can “cast” the stream from your internet device - phone, tablet, pc, mac -  to your smart TV.  Make sure each device is on the same wi-fi network.  

How can I test that my system is working?

We will begin the broadcast/stream on time.  However, we will broadcast some slides and music for about 7 minutes in advance of the actual stream.  This will ensure you have the time to make all necessary adjustments well in advance. 

I've lost the email with my access link. Can you resend it?

Yes, .  Send an email to  They will re-send.  

What is Mandolin?  Will the stream be on Facebook, or YouTube or some other platform I need to prepare for? 

No, the link will launch its own player on Mandolin. No need to download anything. You should make sure you can turn on and adjust the volume.