How To Watch the Performance


There are two ways to watch the program on-demand until January 2nd. 

1) If you bought a ticket already, you should have received instructions and a code to access the "2020 On Demand" page above.  Click here to Read that Text Now.   If you did not receive that email, please check your spam, and if any ongoing problems, please send an email to  

2) If you would like to purchase the on-demand option: The program is still available as a Video-On-Demand purchase.  Please click on "Buy Video-On-Demand" and follow the instructions. 

Where is my ticket?

Your "ticket” to A Virtual Christmas Celtic was emailed to you and contained a link to access the livestream.  A grey bar in the email will say, "View Your Order Online."  Click on that link and on the page it takes you to, simply click on the green box that says "Click Here to Access Livestream."  Click directly on that green bar to start viewing your video.  If you click on it any time (try it now!), it will go to a countdown clock so you'll know you are in the right place.  


What should I watch it on?

The stream can be watched on your computer, tablet, phone, or any device that has an internet browser. Simply open your confirmation email on your preferred device and click the green button with the link. Remember you are only able to watch the production on one device at a time.  You can also “cast” the performance from your device to your television if you are used to doing that with any video stream.   


When should I tune in?

We recommend you click on the link and get ready 5-10 minutes before start time.  You will see a generic countdown clock on the screen. Then at the posted start time, we will begin streaming some slides and you will hear some Christmas Celtic songs.  This will continue for about 5 - 7 minutes so that you can adjust your speakers, and video size and take care of any last minute issues before we go actually live (fashionably late!!!) by just 10 minutes.  

Screen Size:

Try to maximize screen size, move your mouse anywhere on the screen and some symbols will appear briefly in the middle. Click on the one that looks like this.  

Speakers:  The music is particularly beautiful this year and we suggest quality internal or external speakers or headphones.  The initial 5-7 minutes of the program has audio and slides, so be sure to make volume adjustments during that time. 


How exactly does my ticket link work?

  1. Simply click on the link contained in the green bar on the confirmation page described above and linked from the confirmation email sent to you after your purchase.  

  2. If you have clicked on the link in your confirmation email, your passcode should show up automatically. If it does not, please refer to your order confirmation page for the passcode, which can be found above the green bar. 

  3. Check the box stating that you agree to the terms of service.

  4. Click START WATCHING.  

  5. IMPORTANT: Remember, the code will work  only for one device.  As soon as it is accessed for a second device, the stream on the first device will terminate.  

What if something goes wrong?

There is a support email address that is working during each streaming time to try to assist:  However, we know this is a real-time broadcast and don't want you to miss out.  Remember, the same stream will be available as a Video On Demand to access anytime and as many times as you wish from December 21st - January 2nd.  So, you won't ultimately miss it if you aren't able to tune in the night of the show.  


If you miss the stream you had hoped to see for technical or other reasons, and would like a free pass for a subsequent "live" stream up to December 20th, send an email to and request a date.  A code will be sent for your new access, with instructions. 


Email sent to all Ticket Buyers.

(Please check in your spam if not received. 

Email would have come from

Thank you again for being with us for our virtual Christmas Celtic Sojourn concert, and for all the enthusiasm you’ve shared.  It was certainly a challenge to put the show together. All of us - musicians, singers and as you could tell, a very talented production crew – were determined to bring some comfort and joy to you during this extraordinary December. 


I’m delighted to let you know that the show is now available as a Video On Demand for you to enjoy whenever you like, and as many times as you like, between now and January 2, 2021. We’ve posted it to our website so it will be easy to find and enjoy.


Please click here2020-Video-On-Demand

Enter the code: (if you haven't received the code, send an email to from the email you used to purchase your ticket.  We will send you the code.) 

Your video will be ready for you, when you are.  


Some of you may recall we previously had a different plan to allow you to access the stream after the show. There were some technical difficulties, and frankly there were just too many steps, so we hope you’ll enjoy our new, straightforward solution.

Please do continue to be in touch and share your thoughts.  I genuinely love hearing from you. So many of you have written describing your own virtual gatherings and reactions to what we put together. You can simply reply to this email and let us know more. We are compiling your comments to share with our musicians and crew, and to guide us in future concerts.  While we fully expect to be back in theatres next year, your encouragement has us already thinking of supplementing our live shows with these virtual offerings.  More on that as plans develop.  

Wishing you as great and reflective a holiday as you can connecting safely with friends and family.  This pandemic WILL be by us.  And we can’t wait to see you all again.  

Brian O’Donovan, and all of us, the Cast and Crew of A Virtual Christmas Celtic.

Nollaig Faoi Shona; Merry Christmas.