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A Christmas Miscellany

A Christmas Celtic Sojourn:  December 22nd, 2019. 

Cutler Majestic Theatre in Downtown Boston.

Full Show.

This is the entire show from 2019. As if you were sitting in the front row! What a wonderful experience for all of us involved. We start with the Overture, a yearly project our music directors Seamus Egan and Maeve Gilchrist assemble specifically for that cast. Singers Matthew Byrne from Newfoundland and Siobhan Miller from Scotland join us along with truly exceptional traditional dancers, Ashley Smith-Wallace and Jason Oremus. You will hear fiddlers Liz Carroll and Haley Richardson, cellist Natalie Haas, multi-instrumentalist Owen Marshall, and percussionist Jordan Perlson. And you can marvel at what is a new instrument for many, the Nyckelharpa, from Sweden brought to us by one of its great players, Olov Johansson. We have sing-alongs with Lindsay O'Donovan on piano and vocals and our wonderful longest-running member of the cast, bassist Chico Huff. And what would Christmas be without the the Harney Academy of Irish Dance.  

Some helpful hints on watching, below.  

TO START:  Just click on the play button          .

FOR FULL VIDEO:  On the bottom right of your screen, click on the button that looks like this:  

(You can hit Esc (top left of your keyboard) anytime to return to smaller screen. 

​​FOR SOUND: Make sure that you click on the right-most bar of the blue bars           . 

(Also, make sure your system sound is not muted.)

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